SBGA Clover Mini


Managing your business from day to day is not easy. Having the right business tools is very important.

Preparing your business for the future and planning for success requires laser focus. With Clover Mini your business becomes portable and efficient.

Out of the box Clover Mini offers swipe,chip and contactless payments. The future of POS equipment has arrived!


SBGA Clover Station POS Equipment


Your and your business are always on the go and so are your customers.

Clover Mobile is perfect for food trucks, festivals, pay-at-the-table restaurants or anywhrere else your customers are in a rush or on the go

Combine clover Mini with Clover Station and you have a very powerful countertop POS equipment. Clover Mobile can go where you go! Bring the power of credit card processing anywhere.

SBGA Clover Station Platform


High performance with a sleek look on the outside and intelligent software engineering under the hood

Clover Station is the NEW Industry standard in POS systems. Clover Station puts your business at the heart of your business.

Make payments, track your instock and out of stock items, manage time related tasks, run and print reports

SBGA Clover Go


Clover go is the ULTIMATE travel ready card swipe device. Collect payments while your on the go anywhere, anytime!

Clover go is your source for credit card swipes when you are anywhere you want to accept payments. Clover go gives you the security and power of a POS cash register in your pocket.

Clover go works on any smart phone and all tablets and a witha free hand your customers can sign and buy!

Apps to help you run your business

  • SBGA Accounting Accounting
  • SBGA Business Dashboard Business Dashboard
  • SBGA Clover Insights Clover Insights
  • SBGA Employee Scheduling Employee Scheduling

SBGA- Small Business Growth Alliance

Formed by small business owners, the Alliance has firsthand experience in navigating the challenges and obstacles that business owners encounter today.It is from this collective experience that SBGA was formed.

We provide our members with essential products, services and educational resources that allow you to successfully address your most essential business needs- from internet marketing, search, engine optimization and electronic payments to payroll and accounting services, we aim to bring you the very best in total back office management solutions.

We have the expertise, resources and partnerships that allow business owners to make the best growth decisions possible. By taking advantage of all-encompassing solutions from our partners, we can help you grow your customers base, increase profitability, reduce costs and mitigate risk freeing you up to focus on overall business growth and innovation.

Apps to help you sell more

Give yourself more opportunities to make a sale.
  • SBGA Clover Store Clover Online Store
  • Clover Rewards
  • SBGA: Clover Gift Cards Clover Gift Cards